FDS + IPACS=Great Flight Sim

Hello IF Community.

I just want to see what yo guys think about this topic. Lets be honest, the Flight Sim Community is hungry for a new flight sim. So far, FDS and IPACS have set the bar high in terms of simulating flight. Just imagine what could happen if we combine the two Sims to make an even better Sim.

What’s your Opinion on this?


FDS said they’d never work together with IPACS. Case closed


What’s IPACS?

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Creators of Aerofly FS.

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What is IPACS?

The community’s biggest enemy.


The title is also offending. Isn’t IF great already?

Not saying IF is Bad, infact it is way better than Aerofly in terms of flight. And I don’t mean Mobile. IPACS just put out a PC version of Aerofly FS 2. The planes look absolutely amazing, but the flight characteristics are terrible. If somehow the two would work together in the future and make a flight sim together, I’m just saying it would blow these other flight sims out of the water. Implementing the features from IF into Aerofly would make one ridiculous flight sim, and IPACs would obviously handle the scenery.


i heard rumors AF may get online, there hasnt been an update out for months. but yeah agree, flight physics could be better in AF.

Don’t deny, the devs told us they will not cooperate with IPACS.

When did she say that?

Have you tried X-Plane ?

Infinite Flight physics are amazingly better compared to Aerofly 2 physics in my opinion.


Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I currently have X-Plane 10.

*Laura is her new name.

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Nice, I just fly in X-Plane 10 mobile hehe

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I remember this. It was while live was being tested. Some guy was talking about how it would be awesome if IF would be part of X-Plane.

Yeah, and even the non reworked planes flyes better in IF 😊!

Btw, do you fly with Controller/Flightstick or ? 😊