FDS express bank

Hi, at EasyJet Virtual we have started trying a virtual money system! We want to make it a system available to all! So I want to start it out!
If people are interested we will start! If a VA uses are system, they can pay employees Virtual Money, ask for loans, make an account an manage it!
We need a VERY professional website!
A new system for the team!
A logo!
PM to join the start up team!

Required startup team staff
HR manager
IT #1
IT #2
IT #3

More easier positions
Account manager #1
Account manager #2
Account manager #3
Account manager #4
Account manager #5
Customer Service Representative #1
Customer Service Representative #2
Customer Service Representative #3

Share your thoughts, people and VAs can PM/DM me to be a start-up VA/client
If you think we need a name change tell me why and the new name

Summary: we are a start-up Virtual Bank and money system


Can I get a small loan of a million dollars?


After we get a system to work with!

I dont know about this…

whats the point of this?


This seems a little pointless


To have as a Virtual Money system

to serve what purpose? virtual money to pay pilots and do what? you cant buy anything with it…


Yeah but I have had a couple of people ask about Virtual Money

ok but you are still not answering my question. What’s the purpose? I’d understand if you came up with like a sub game for IF, almost like The Sims, where you would be able to use the money to buy a house, car, new clothing but there is no point right now to do this, it is a waste of time.

Its actually useless- come to think of it

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Guys, don’t be so negative. If you don’t like an idea, shush about it and move on with your life.


I think this would be an amazing idea! :)

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And interesting one!

Like when a airline want to purchase a fleet they would have to purchase it with the money provided by the bank?

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I apologize if my statement is negative but I wanted to know the implications of doing something like this. Now, taking @AlotQuestions idea of having the airline use it to buy the fleet is interesting. But there is so much more that has to go into this.

  1. How do you monitor the usage of these planes by your pilots in the virtual world? you buy 5 777-200ER aircrafts to add to your fleer but you got the whole airline flying the same plane. It cant really be regulated.
  2. How do you regulate the bank and the loans being distributed?
  3. Who is running Boeing, Airbus and the aircraft manufacturers to set prices on these aircrafts, payments, etc?
  4. Who has a right to say that an airline is approved or denied for a loan? How do you measure a Virtual airlines worth and ability to pay off their loan?

My thing is this, for something like this to be implemented not only do you need a system of banks as to not have a monopoly but you need checks and balances so that this loan/banking system does not get out of hand. Virtual setups that go beyond the world of IF.

and yes the forum is a place to express your idea but it is also a place to express your different view on a topic. That being said, I am sorry that my opinion is negative and I dont like it but I am not going to shut up and keep it moving. It defeats the purpose of what a forum is for. Discussion…whether positive or negative.


Don’t you forget jetfuel!

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Constructive criticism isn’t negative so no issue there. Just ‘oh this is a stupid idea’ comments aren’t at all productive


Yes exactly!

If every VA makes a ticket system, they can charge as much Virtual Money for it, also if a VA gets in a magazine then they can charge the magazine Virtual Money! So it’s more realistic when you need money to buy this or that!
I’m still open to applications!

I think Qantas Virtual has something like this but it is just how much money the VA made and is for display. Coll idea though.