FDS Competition

Wouldn´t it be cool, if FDS made a competiton were you had to make a review on AppStore or Google Play about Infinite Flight, and then the devs could pick 5 random winners on each platform of those who submitted a review and give them a free live-sub?
That way Infinite Flight could get more users since the sim would appear higher on the charts in the App store:
Imo, that would be awesome if they did so!


That would seem a bit unfair if your writing skills aren’t the best…

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I think the competition would involve selecting a random winner rather than it being based on the content of the review. The aim is to get more reviews for IF


That would be good incentive…


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Maby some thing that you PM your best photo to matt and he chosses the best one and that person wins someting

how about people just post reviews anyway…


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