FDS Airbus A318 (No sharklets version)

The A318 would look cool with winglets and sharklets.



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No its not. That is the topic finding out about it and isn’t in features anyways.


When they replaced winglets with doritos they should offer both types.

A318 doesn’t have sharklets in real life

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All of the A320 aircraft can be fitted with them.

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Not a duplicate. Mine was in general. Please check better.


Does something this trivial really matter? For the time it will take to make a new version to the benefit you will get there really isn’t any point.

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It won’t be made because the devs have better things to do than removing the sharklets of an exisiting model.
Also the author of this blatantly used the picture I had from my topic on general.


Personally I like sharklets, that’s just my personal opinion though.

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Yeah, I think sharklets make the aircraft look better, whereas winglets are just there.