FDS A318 without sharklets

Infinite Flight’s A318 lacks the sharklets on the Friday Night Flight-National Aviation Day event, but ut still has them on the “real” version.
Just pointing this out.


It loaded. I don´t know why it didn´t show up.

Maybe sharlets option Will come in the next update?

Maybe they´re testing a new FDS livery without sharklets.

It was interesting to see it.

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Maybe they made the plane without sharklets, but then they decided to put sharklets before the update came out in November…that photo probably was taken before they removed the wingtips and placed the sharklets.


If that’s the case, the aircraft looked better without the sharklets.

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Yes, if this feature will get added, I will be estatic, now I can fly all the aircraft with sharklets!


Read @CopaAirlines answer. Maybe you should request an FDS A318 without sharklets.

I want sharklets on all aircraft! I love winglets, sharklets, whatever you want to call them!


If I remember correctly, when they first modeled the FDS A318, it didn’t have sharklets. Shortly before the public release, they switched it to sharklets.

That picture was most likely taken before they changed it to sharklets. :)


Makes sense, @Henrik

It would have looked better without them.

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No, I don’t like those types of winglets.

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They’ve already modelled it without sharklets so why not release both versions ?

And in the one with winglets they modeled it after a normal commercial A318, while the one we have now is designed like an ACJ.

I like sharklets more but would have been better if in the FDS liveries they were painted

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