FDS 2016 Livery?

It reminds me of the Ryanair livery, which is bad in my opinion


I think its very dark grey and not blue. The old design was better though.

Very clean and professional looking, love it!

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I like the new livery. :)


Imo this is my favorite…

This one I mean. So sexy. <3


Looks gorgeous!

Mines looks sooo similar in many ways

I love this so much!

I would say those are clouds but…

Isn’t it the reflection of Laura’s hands on the screen?


Yeah, what it looks like. :/

This update will be the best!

Looks nice. Similar to United swoosh on bottom. I like it a lot! Thanks Jarno and the other livery devs!

Where was this picture from? Only saw the other pic on Laura’s instagram…


I’m saying there’s only one pic there now. A side on view. I’m asking about the more head on shot from BluePanda… (I’m just curious, it’s not a big issue).

But you’re not asking where does that picture came from? Well, Laura posted it in the topic I linked.

@BrunoC For some reason, I thought you were linking to Instagram, not the community. My bad. Thank you!

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What planes are they adding this too? Hopefully the 772 because that’s the only plane with the FDS livery that I have and like!