FC-DeltaAviation’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey there,
I was N428OP flying a few patterns. Great job. Overall you did really well. A couple of things I noticed:

  • Great job announcing the runway change.

  • You need to sequence aircraft when there are 2 or more in the pattern and they are using the same runway. On my 2nd pattern, you cleared me #2 for the option but didn’t provide a sequence on who to follow (it was evident given there were only 2 of us) but this needed

  • On my runway change, you provided the correct entry instruction but then in my option clearance, didn’t give me a new pattern direction. Make sure to provide that if an aircraft is switch runways.

  • When Aeromexico 44 switched to 23R I was on a short final about to touchdown on 23R cleared for the option. You cleared them to enter right downwind, crossing the departing traffic. In this case, this was the correct entry but as you saw, it got really complicated once I took off again. You issued the extend upwind to me after I started turning crosswind, I would push this right after I take off if you are trying to get the traffic out of the way before I turn, that would prevent a conflict. Also, there was no sequencing given again, you cleared us for the option, 1 and 2 respectively and used speed commands to space us.

Overall, you did really well, and if you keep up the practice, you’ll be able to make it into IFATC once you qualify.

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Gracias, ya se me había olvidado jaja

Thank you for the feedback! I’m glad you were able to stop by, and I will take your feedback into account.

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