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Hello IFC!
I may have asked this in the past, but how long can plane stay at FBO’s for in real life or is there no limit. Also as a IF pilot who likes to keep there flights realistic, do most private pilots have hangers or just use FBO’s? Thanks!

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My dad flies for Netjets and he never stays in one place more then a day (unless maintenance) but if somebody owns their own plane it depends. You could probably keep your plane there for a few days or so but it would cost a lot.

I’m not 100% sure I can ask him though.

Ok because I was planning on leaving planes there for weeks or months at a time.

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Yeah idk I doubt it can stay there that long unless you have a hangar or a reserved spot just for you.

Ok thanks for your input

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That depends on how much money the owner has. 🤑

The following website has some good information about FBOs.



Bro it says single engine pilots and has a photo of twin engine planes 😂

Ok so planes can stay at FBO’s for as long as they want. Thanks!

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Frequent GA flyer here… depending on the aircraft and nature of the trip, aircraft can stay at FBOs for however long they want. FBOs are a great resource for pilots offering hangars, fuel, and hospitality. Just this weekend, the FBO I visited gave out free ice cream :)

Depending on the aircraft and the FBO, charges are incurred and paid by the pilot/company.

I’m assuming by ‘private pilot’ you mean someone who is certificated by the FAA and owns their own aircraft… we call them “weekend warriors”. Again, this all depends on the owner and the aircraft. I will say that the value of airplanes that are hangar’d are typically a lot higher than those that are not. Those that choose to not hangar their aircraft can usually park on the ramp or transient parking of some sort.


Ok thanks for that information!

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