Favourite View when Cruising

Just finished a cup of tea in a very appropriate mug, might move onto the wine next.

Virgin Atlantic 787-9 Heathrow to JFK. FL360.
Passengers full to capacity!

3hrs into the flight and a remaining flight time of 3hrs and 10 mins. Speed 485kts

My favourite view is the front of engine view!


Where you headed? I want to join you, lol

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I hate flying over water very boring but great picture! I prefer cockpit view tho but also enjoy passengers view!!

Mine is also the front engine views - I often create custom ones using the locked cam.

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i LOVE flying all the way in the back and over the wing both in real life and on Infinite Flight.

“Normal” view for me, and I scan around to enjoy the scenery… But I don’t fly over oceans, I plan my flights for the best views!

Love the view and I love the mug!!

Why do you hate it?

I’m always in the Cockpit! I try to imagine myself doing the flight irl. Always makes me smile.

Boring just water nothing to see so in cockpit it looks just blue!

Business Class all the way 😎. But the second interior camera is in Economy always focused on the wing 😅

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