Favourite Spotting Photos of 2020

Hey guys! I’ve done some pretty intense edits over the past few days, and they turned out pretty well.
I’ll show you my top 4 favourite edits of 2020 :), as well as the RAW pictures.

Avianca A330

KLM A330

America 737

Unfortunately I can’t find the before for this.

Mystery Tail

Do you know this airline?


Thanks for checking out my favourite photos so far this year!
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Is the mystery tail also Avianca?

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I believe the mystery tail is the newer Avianca livery.

Stunning edits! They all are very good. 👍

Except, that the American 737 picture is over edited.

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Oh, ok. Thank you!

Ok these edits are stunning. Awesome job, you’re great at editing!

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Thank you! :)

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Love them! I really like how you show the original! Great work!

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Thank you! I try my best to make my own style. Practice makes perfect! :)

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I’d say it’s more of an artistic take than overedited. You find a lot of photos that try to be realistic but are overedited, whereas this is obviously not trying to look like real life and actually looks really nice.

And as said above, this is the new Avianca livery. Looks a bunch better than the old one.


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