Favourite Spotting Images @ Singapore

Hello everyone!

I’m back with yet another spotting post.

Today’s post will consist of many different spotting images, from different locations. These photos are one of my favourites, so I hope you like them too!


Canon EOS 200D
Canon 70-300mm L f/4-5.6

Enjoy :)

Starting with my profile picture… my favourite wing image on Singapore Airlines’s A350-900!

United departs out of Singapore and makes a early bank.

A rare equipment swap - KLM’s 789 pulls into the gates!

Etihad’s Manchester City Livery is a beauty.

After spending a few days on ground at the Singapore Airshow 2020, the Embraer E195 demonstrator for Embraer departs back to its home in Brazil.

Bangkok Air’s ATR on display.

The B-52 of USAF comes in from Guam for the Singapore Airshow flypast.

TCS World Travel’s charter 757 on finals to

Lastly, my favourite shot of all time! The Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 departs out of Singapore in some sick lighting!

Bonus Image:

Not a spotting image but I felt the need to add this in.

With many airlines retiring their 747, there are not much of 747s in the skies today.

Here’s the cockpit of the Thai Boeing 747-400 Star Alliance livery aircraft (HS-TGW)

I hope everyone enjoyed these pictures and I will try to upload a Part 2 soon if you guys enjoyed it!

Do let me know what you think of the shots by rating it :)

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Stay safe!


Stunning pics! Keep it up!

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I love that entirely black 757.

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Thank you!

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Oh yes. I loved it too. I was lucky to be able to catch it.

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Very good pictures! I love the 777 from Singapore Airlines!💛

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Thanks! Me too :)

Great picture’s @TheAviationGallery

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Thanks Joshua 🙂

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Hello sir, how many times you want post your SNA?


Fantastic photos!

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I only posted it once here… so this is my second 🙂

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Bye sir, how many times you want post your SNA?


Really like the cockpit shot! Great photos all around :D

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Thanks a lot!

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Don’t know 🤷‍♂️

Just want to clarify one thing. All of these photos belong to me and if you’d like to use them, kindly ask for permission before you do so.


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This thing is epic. Looks so cool! @anon57683537

Nice pics Nicholas :)

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I agree! Thanks.