Favourite Jetstar Livery

Wasn’t it your private jet as well?


They look so different! You have to look at the fuselage only, as the tail has never changed. Especially comparing the oldest to the newest you can see the differences.

Why do people like the white version so much, it looks a bit plain. I like the silver.

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Does this mean my life is all a lie, is the moon really green is @MishaCamp not a real unicorn.How shall I live with myself anymore.

Anyways back from the emotional break down the white livery in my opinion is the best.The way the light orange (my favorite color) mixes with the white is beautiful. @anon31652286 regarding the white version ^^^ also on terms of the silver it can look outstanding but for me it depends on lighting of the photo which is what makes or breaks the silver liverys for me.


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