Favourite Jet Engine Manufacturer

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  • Rolls-Royce (RR)
  • General Electric Aviation (GE)
  • Pratt & Whitney (P&W)
  • CFM International (Safran)
  • Engine Alliance
  • International Aero Engines (IAE)

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GE Aviation:

Pratt & Whitney:

A PW2000 fitted on a United Boeing 757
A PW4000 fitted on a All Nippon Airways Boeing 777
CFM International:

A CFM56 fitted on a Lauda Air Boeing 737
Engine Alliance:

A GP7000 fitted on a Emirates Airbus A380
International Aero Engines:

A V2500 engine fitted on a Jetstar Airbus A320


General Electric is my favorite.

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Why 6 options if there are only 6 options? Please make it one or two.

Because people might like them all

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Then it’s not really a competition of “favourite” is it? Favour is about what you think is top.

Exactly, but with enough people voting we’ll be able to see the top manufacturer. I can’t change it now or else it will remove all the votes.

Only 6 voters, they can revote.

5 minutes has passed since it was first posted, it can’t be edited sorry

I like the RB211-524G (By rolls Royce) mainly because it powers the Qantas and BA 747-400 fleets


Ge 4 life!!!

I still haven’t got to put all the engines up :-/

The most beautiful jet engine in the world
The GEnx



I love rolls royce

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I love the CFM for 737, A320, and CS190. Especially the leap. But those 747-8i’s GE engines are amazing. I’m not a huge fan of the Rolls Royce though. I don’t really like the Pratt and Whitney engines, but they will do for he - 100 and - SP.

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Rolls Royce is my 2nd!

Today I got to visit their facility at KOAK!

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I like Rolls Royce only for their RB211 engines. Other than that i like GE.

I like the style of the newer GE engines.
Rolls Royce will always have a place in my heart however.

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All electric in general😂

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