Favourite Inflight entertainment

What is your favourite airline regarding inflight entertainment?
Inflight entertainment system is one of the most important things regarding service in an airline.

My opinion
In my opinion, emirates offered the best inflight entertainment because they often update their content, have a wide variety of selections of films, games and TV shows.
They had a well designed menu, it was easy to use.
What I really liked about emirates inflight entertainment was the info, there was a section where there were parts of the website with information about the fleet, routes, staff and so on…
I believe the emirates inflight entertainment system is called ICE this being because:
If you would like to find out more about emirates ICE click the link to emirate’s info page

Credites to Emirates.com

Credits to emirates.com
British Airways also offers a great inflight entertainment.
They keep their content updated often and have a selection of loads of movies, games and TV shows.
In club world, their content is extremely updated although in economy it isn’s as updated as the higher classes.
They offer entertainment for teens and smaller kids from ages 4 and under.
They also offer a communication section which allows you to chat to other seats or chat in a chat room.
If you are flying with family but had the bad luck of not finding seats next to each other, this feature comes in handy.
In the chat room you can chat with the all of the seats onboard.
I believe the inflight entertainment for BA is called HIghLife entertainment.
If you want to find out more about British Airways inflight entertainment click the link below

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What do you think?


My favorite in-flight entertainment? Easy. That would be foreflight and my music on my phone. That is the best entertainment ever.


That sounds really good👌🏻

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Southwest airlines is the only airline I’ve been on with great FREE live TV


I heard they have great entertainment 😀

Infinite Flight while connected to inflight wifi.


All airlines IFE are great when it is an international flight. I have flown with United, Korean Air, Air Canada on international routes. Their IFE are great. They have a bunch of free movies. On my flight to shanghai two years ago, I got to watch the classic iron man, american sniper, big hero six @SingaporeAirlines lol.

Also on Virgin American, tried to watch sausage party lmfao :) but it wasn’t free rip

On domestic flights, it is a different story. On united domestic flights, the flight map on the IFE isn’t even free like wtf;)


I’ve been on American once from KDFW to KRSW. The 737-800 I was on was new and has great mood lighting and IFE.

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My favorite inflight entertainment? Hmm…that would have to be the airplane itself. Sometimes I just sit there and close my eyes and listen to the airplane humming to itself. I imagine what the pilots are doing and…zzzzzzzz OH GOSH I’m awake! (Lol for reals I can get myself to sleep on flights, this is the only way, by doing this method).
Since frontier doesn’t have wifi or seatback momitors, I use my iPad and watch movies I’ve downloaded, read books, chat with the people next to me, or play IF in solo mode.

Funny story: I had one elderly man sitting next to me on a frontier flight one day. I was playing IF in the frontier livery (duh) and he looked over and was watching me flying into the same airport we were flying into “KMCO”. He asked:
“You flying this plain son?” I looked up and he had a twinkly in his eye. He was joking lol but I nodded and said, "Yeah. I gotta keep my concentration here otherwise we’re gonna end up on the ground short of the runway.


My iPad with Infinite flight a drink earbuds and country music


Haven’t really experienced it much but I want to say Thomas Cook (Condor), long haul flight had great movies and stuff

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Wait, Southwest installed T.V.'s onto their newer planes? I never knew! :)


I agree Emirates has the best! There was so much to choose from when I flew with them.
I also think KLM has very good IFE (on the refurbished planes at least).
I wonder what China Airlines will be like, does anyone know? (A359 IFE would be helpful)



Made specifically for this thread. ;)


Thank you for making this :)
Look great and the statement is true aswell 😛

So, what’s the running cost for installing a sub woofer in a C172 and an aux cord? Might as well spice it up


Create a new show called “planepool karaoke” invite celebs to your 172 and and Jam up with them 😂😂


THAT’S LIT. I call dibs on the trademark.


Seriously tho, my favorite IFE would have to be the enjoyment of flight. That’s the whole point of flying for avgeeks ;)


My favorite inflight entertainment would have to be watching the moving map on aircraft with IFE, starting out the window, and practicing my landings on Infinite Flight in solo mode.