Favourite Icelandair Livery

So with the the 20.3 rework coming soon I’m sure everyone has a personal favourite livery they have that they want to see on the reworked B757 (vote on features for your livery if you haven’t). For me I really would love to see Icelandair’s three special liveries which include: Hekla Aroura, 80th Anniversary and their retro livery which I believe was put on for their 70th anniversary.

Icelandair Retro Livery

Icelandair Hekla Aurora Borealis Livery

Icelandair 80th Anniversary Livery
Out of all three which one is your favourite?


I’d recommend showing your support on the #features threads!

But I definitely love Hekla Aurora! Even Icelandair’s regular livery is amazing 😍

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Fell free to start the first international civil war over them here:


Hahaha yeah, i just wanted to know which one people prefer rather then a request lol. But yeah HA is stunning!!

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I wouldn’t consider the first one their retro livery. It’s the national flag livery

Not the appropriate category. Additionally, there are already feature requests for some of these aircraft. Thanks