Favourite Friday Night Flight

hello I thought that some of you have a fnf that you absolutely loved weither It was in your hometown, or just. an awesome experience let me know mine was probably the New York fly in. tell me if you agree. I think that there will be a variety of answers including some I did not participate or even hear of so let me know!

As of now, I enjoyed the Calgary FNF. It was actually my first FNF that I had done in a while.

It was jammed pack there as well, and I hadn’t experienced traffic at an airport in a while (Besides LAX on TS1.)

I took a route to KJFK which was about 4 hours.

What was your favorite FNF, Hyper?

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that was actually my first one! I must agree it was good. however I think I like the jfk fly in just because I did not get ghosted the day after:)

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I did also enjoy the JFK fly-in, but I did a short hop for that one as I didn’t have enough time, as I was busy that day.

I was hoping to do Heathrow to New York, but I didn’t have enough time that day. That’s why the Calgary FNF is still my favorite. :)

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Any FNF down under in Aus is 100% my favourite ;)

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The New York FNF one was Lit

My favourite to date is TBM in the Alps. Great scenery and we were all flying a new plane.


That was pretty cool


unfortunate I wasn’t there for it:(

KAID when they had regional jets

My favourite would be the New York FNF because i flew my all time favourite route which is the KEWR-VABB route on the Air India 777-200LR


The FNF last Friday.I loved it because JetBlue was featured

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a lot of us agree!

Without a doubt. However I really like the one below as well

Im probably hyping up the entire community for the fnf this week

(post withdrawn by author, will automatically be deleted in 24 hours unless flagged) JK. LOL

It’s probably at LFPG or LEBL. I love these airports

My personal favorite was the one in the Balkans this summer, was really fun to get a chance to fly into places like Zagreb, sad to see many of the FNFs now are just like JFK and other major airports.

FNF in Balkans? Cant remember it, what was the main featured airport?

My favourite FnF was either one of the two simply due to the spectacular scenery in Dubai. I simply can’t resist flying at least once when Dubai is open on the Expert server.