Favourite flights from past summer

As autumn is slowly taking over, here are some of my favourite flights of past summer.

All flights were flown on Expert Server, more specific information under each photo.

16th June
All Nippon 212 LHR-HND B77W ~12h

First time flying this route and I liked it very much. The highlight for me was decent and approach to 23.

19th July
Emirates 202 JFK-DXB B77W ~12h

I’ve flown this one couple times before, but I broke 1000 flight hours, so that made this flight feel special.

27th July
Aer Lingus 60 SFO-DUB A333 ~10h

First long haul with the A330.

8th August
Swiss 93 GRU-ZRH B77W ~11h

9th August
Air France 483 LIM-CDG A359 ~11h

Departure from Lima was very scenic. Also, I have never seen bird hazard on METAR before.

10th August
Air France 1528 CDG-OPO A319 ~2h

One of my favourite short routes in Europe!

11th August
Swiss 326 ZRH-LHR A333 ~1h

Short flight, The Alps look cool.


I am not sure if those are more than 10 or not. When I see it is one photo with a lot of little photos if that makes sense.


To be honest I’m not sure either. But if this is against the rules this topic can be closed or deleted.

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It’s 10 individual files so it’s fine

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Using collages is a genius idea and it’s not against the rules because it’s 10 individual files and takes up the same amount of space. All of the photos are awesome!


That was smart. Touché


Thank you very much!

I’m still not quite sure if it’s files or photos as photos, but we’ll see. Just trying something new, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s files because the reason they have a limit is so you don’t have a humongous thread that takes a chunk of storage on the Discourse servers (which IF has to pay for)


This guy is next level in avoiding the 10 photos limit rule

Anyways very nice lol


improvise. adapt. overcome.


Nice photo collage. I know it’s not exactly what the rules say but I’ll give u an A** for creativity and A** for what u produced.

Great work

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Nice man!!
I also did the exact same thing with using collages and I also got away with it, so I don’t think there is a problem with it

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YOU never expect the BIRDS until its too late

I love the wing shot soo much

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