Favourite Flight You Have Completed?


What is the favourite flight you have ever completed star to finish with no interruptions e.g. device crashing, disconnection etc.

Mine is probably KJFK - EGLL!

Singapore Airlines between Newark and Singapore. The longest flight in the world.


Hey, @AnthLawton,

There has been multiple topics about these on the forums, and most of them have been closed as replies were too repetitive. A topic similar to this recently posted was just closed. See this reply from tomthetank, a moderator:


My favourite one is KEWR - WSSS though!

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Feel free to share here:

Mine was VABB-KEWR!

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Wow 😍 that must of been amazing!

I woke up only mid flight in the morning

Apologies πŸ™

nice! hope it was good.

Use the topic linked by @tunamkol please