Favourite Economy Class?

@Gm2kmike20 Aeroflot new economy is exceptional because it has a comfy seat with updated IFE, etc.

To be honest, at this point it’s the older cabin on Delta’s MD88. Those seats were so comfortable…

Not a great picture, but the best I could take.


That’s pretty cool! I’d have to try it out @theelevatorkey

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Just flew Boston-Hong Kong on CX in economy. 3-4-3 layout, so seats are narrow, but legroom is great and I was actually very comfortable for the whole flight. Service and amenities are great as well.

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Yes I agree, I flew CX from Sydney to Hong Kong and then on to Brussels and the economy seats were very comfortable

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When it comes to the seat, I’d definitely give it to Kuwait Airways. I’m not being bias, but I gotta give KU credits.

Kuwait Airways Is one of the very few airlines who chose Passenger Comfort over Profits.

  • While other airlines cramp their Boeing 777s with the dense 10 abreast configuration with 32 inches of seat pitch , Kuwait Airways has choose to fit it’s new B77Ws with the spacious 9 abreast configuration with seat pitch no less than 33-35 inches! That’s incredible!

Kuwait Airways has also won the award of the best seat comfort In the Middle East 2020!

Check this amazing legroom and how roomy the seat feels!

  • Every single aircraft in the Kuwait Airways fleet has modern high resolution IFE screens In all classes, as well as onboard WIFI.

This Is when it comes to seat comfort, but when it comes to services In economy class. Qatar Airways Takes the crown. 👑

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That seat is beautiful, I definitely should try Kuait’s economy

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They’ll come to get you after they remove my opinion that despite being 5’11" I still have a while before I reach my full height I kind of like Frontier’s seats.


I also really like jetBlue, United and Delta’s economy classes. I can’t really speak about long haul airlines or planes because I’ve never traveled outside of the US.


Haven’t been on many different airlines, but I gotta say, WestJet’s 787 economy is top notch!



I’m ok with AA’s economy on a transcontinental flight, but have had worse experience on international. But byfar my best experience was with Qatar Airways, good legroom and decent service for a 6 hour flight.

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