Favourite Economy Class?

I’ll see if I can find a nice one :)

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Alrighty then

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 20.34.09

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Wow, this is actually much better than I expected! @Robertine , can’t wait to fly with Icelandic. The comfort looks so good and it is very unique!

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Wow I just found a really nice Westjet Economy on the 787

Going to have to say:

Lufthansa Economy Class

Good selection of IFE, nice colors for the curtains, overall comfortable… only the food was a bit bad (and they lied), but that’s the once-in-a-while lapse. Even though the FRA-SFO was not a great flight, the other 3 legs were pretty good.

Air India’s economy on the San Francisco to Delhi route was great as well. Seats were heck a comfortable, food is the best, and their entertainment system was old, but good selection of movies. The tea was just too good, and I remember drinking 3-4 cups of tea on one flight, cause the tea is just remarkable.


I honestly think Emirates economy is terrible. The seats were cramped on the A380, and IFE system (even though it had a lot of stuff), it felt kind of too old. I just used my phone and tablet for all 4 legs. Emirates is too overrated.

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Wow, no comment there @ran

Lol… hahaha…

That’s WestJet’s Premium Economy


Oh Ok then nevermind about that haha

Virgin Australia (In General)
Air New Zealand (In General)

Oh, definitely Emirates. The food is good, the leg room is good, the seats are good.

And of course the A380 is very cool.

How about Aeroflot?

Singapore Airlines Economy is still my favourite, their IFE is so good!! Like, its just really good, excellent. Crew Service is also excellent. Seats are extremely comfortable especially with those new cabin products.

Has to be Qatar airways for me. I appreciated the amenity kits and the service, not to forget the IFE which didn’t have problems like emirates with their shoddy Headphones only providing low quality one sided sound. Plus I appreciate any airline that doesn’t take the blankets away during approach leaving me to freeze to death. That does mean BA is higher on my table then Emirates…

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Those aren’t even the REAL classic jetBlue seats! Those are the recaro’s on the High 600 and 700/800 tails. The classic jetBlue seats are the big square squishy-sink-into the-seat super comfy Weber’s

I’ll see if I can dig up a pic.

I’m going to have to agree with you. Spectacular!

I enjoyed Air France new a350 economy


I have one it’s not a very good picture though I took it at night

Edit: Also just noticed That I had A, B, C, D, E and F to myself on that flight lol

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Those are Weber’s alright more squared around the head and a lot squishier looking. I don’t have a good pic of the seat but you can tell apart Weber and recaro by the rounder head part and more importantly the TV’s.



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