Favourite category on the IFC?

Not sure about myself, what about you, any particular reason why you may also like that certain category?

I will try my best to reply to most answers👍


I usually like #live:VA, #thirdparty and #general. #blog is cool too.

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Let’s see:

So yeah pretty much every category.


Wait wha- … I didn’t notice that was a category. :P

Anyways my favorite category is support. This is because I always love and try my best to help people with issues.


Your reply is the exact reason why I don’t exactly have a favourite category either, but I’m sure other people do👍

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Yes that category really does reflect what a good community we have, and yes as you said it’s fun to help people.

Interesting selection, I wasn’t aware that #blog was a thing.

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I don’t know about you, but I have no favouritism for any category.

I do like it when they are used productively and not filled with useless topics like this one though… What’s going to be next, favourite piece of format for a post?


Well I’m sorry to hear about that, we all are interested in different topics, that’s why there’s a community full of different people where we can search different topics up that we are interested in.

If you’re interested to see which topics people use the most, you can simply look at their profile summary, where it’s listed at the bottom 😉

There’s a lot of topics on the forum, this just doesn’t seem like a productive use of the meta category


Ok fair enough, I will try to avoid topics like this in the future. But remember, we all have our different tastes.

I love reading through old posts in the #announcements category. Brings old memories up. New posts there are the ones I‘m always excited to read.


I like #meta, #real-world-aviation, #support, #announcements and #blog

They are interesting and I like to parcitipate in them