Favourite Budget airline?

what is your favourite budget airline
Luxury on Budget isn’t the best
staff are nice enough
legroom is not very good
What’s a ~budget~ airline that stood out for
A. having good legroom
B. Good economy
C.Staff friendliness :-D
like allegiant or EasyJet
whats your favourite?
Mine is EasyJet

Depends, I haven’t flown a lot of budget Airlines.

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Please search before posting topics,

I know it’s exciting to ask new questions but please don’t just start topics it fills up the forum of unnessacary things.


ill change it to make it more clear
whats the best legroom and luxury of the plne

That’s livery this is the airline its self I’m going towards a regular atm so I’m reading a lot and posting a bit of conversations

Not the right way to go about being a regular!

I think my vote will go to AirAsia/Citilink/Jetstar

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oh so I don’t post or read everything and leave my account ok I’m sure I wont do that but thanks anyway :-)

I went on a website to see what amout of cheapskates are airlines

Read lots yes! That’s a great way to get there, but posting things that there are very similar topics about isn’t!

And try and make more sense in the things your asking, you might get abit more of a positive response if you describe the things your posting properly :)

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he asked about the liverys this is luxurys

I like both Easyjet and Norwegian - but for me Norwegian tips it slightly because they have nice cabin interiors and wifi onboard

I have only been on EASYJET but apparently Ryanair is similar, ever since a year ago they had to stop treating their customers like crap as their profits started falling as a result of a fall in revenue so now they have removed some of the stupid charges and attempt to provide a better service

The grey, the orange, the Jetstar