Favourite Approaches

What’s your favourite approach into an airport you guys have flown either as a pilot or passenger?

I think Geneva and when LHR is busy are mine


I remember flying into Phoenix a few years ago at night. So many lights!

If you have a second search for pictures of night approaches into Istanbul. It’s incredible

Also the approach into Colombo is stunning


Hong Kong and Singapore. They Have an Absolutely Stunning View. You Can See Some Boats (Orang Laut) on Singapore Strait while You Can See Mountains on Lantau Island, Hong Kong


I remember the Singapore one. It’s so amazing seeing all the vessels

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Yeah Especially From Rwy 20

Last sea turn with beautiful coconut trees while on approach, right? :)

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anything were the approach lights are out in the water and runway is close to the waters edge has got to be thrilling and exciting…

Zurich & Osaka.

Istanbul runway 05 coming from the north.
And you have a great view of whole Venice when landing at 04R at VCE.

Paris CDG landing RWY 09L/R or 08L/R coming from south (You get a beautiful view of Paris!) and Orly’s RWY 24 coming from North.

Heathrow’s approach are also nice because you are 95% sure to get a nice view over London!

Landing at SFO during sunset with a view on the Pacific ocean!

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LGA Rwy 31.

Long live the DC-9!

I fly to Phoenix every few years. There is litterally 1 pool per house you can see. And theres so many baseball fields

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I think that’s the one I flew into at night. The lights are gobsmackingky beautiful!

TNCM haha. I’ve always wanted to go there

And all the washing lines spread out all over the huts and trees 😉

Zurich. Evening Landing on Rwy 34

I’ve never flown there. Why is it so good?((: