Favourite Antonov Aircraft [poll]

I just wanted to know what everyone’s favourite family of Antonov aircraft,
I have grouped these very loosely (vote for the group with you favourite in it) forgive me if I have put one in the wrong group, or if I have missed one out (remember I can’t edit my poll 5 minutes after I’ve posted it) I have excluded the gliders made by Antonov

  • An2/An3/An6
  • An8/An10/An12
  • An14/An28/An38
  • An22
  • An24/An26/An30/An32
  • An70
  • An71/An72/An74
  • An140
  • An148/An158
  • An124
  • An225

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Oh man this is tough…

I love the An-24/-26 and An-30/-32 look, but An-148 and An-158 takes the cake.

An-158 looks ugly on the internet but you’ll only truly appreciate it when you see it in real life. One of the last remaining high wing, turbofan powered aircraft…

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Oops, I didn’t see that I put this in features by accident, thanks for the edit😄

The AN74 is my absolute favourite. Love the unique look of those engines and the sound is delightful!!!


It seems both of my favourites have already been mentioned An148 and the An74 families are my favourite too.

Mine would defs be the An-225 Mriya. Its size and sheer capability. Plus its number of engines. Damn.

I like the one where is has so much horse power that it can carry two cows in the back. (Single Engine biplane). I think that it is the AN 1 - Not sure.

AN-74 for me.

It is the one used for polar expeditions

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AN-225 world’s ACTURAL biggest aircraft.

Never heard of anything except for the An-225 so…

Biggest plane in the world. I think it should be put in
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