Favourite Airports to Takeoff/Land

Hey all, after a few months on Global, I’ve begin to love many airports for their scenic views as you take off and for their layout, so I thought I’d ask you what yours are. Mine are OMBD, KJFK and KLGB. Also, my favourite is the very unknown EIDL (Donegal Airport) on the North-West of Ireland because of its scenic takeoff and landing views that can be breathtaking at the right time of year and at Dawn/Sunset. I look forward to seeing yours! - Aviator_05


YPPH is an amazing airport to takeoff from. Especially if you’re heading towards the states or some places East. You get to watch the lush green turn into dry land and then a vast red desert.


I will take a look at that one later, it sounds brilliant to fly near.

Puerto Vallarta, MMPR, is beautiful. white beaches surrounded by tropical mountains, and a runway that can handle a 787.


To me, its usually a good airport if it can handle a 787 - one of my favourite planes!

Landing at Tokyo Haneda (RJTT), You fly over Tokyo Bay before touching down and if you happen to fly-in from the west, then you’ll pass by Mt. Fuji with it’s majestic snow top.


To be honest, I really like the Coastlines of USA because of their white beaches and light coloured seas (unlike the UK with murky water for a sea)

RJAA right after you take off Mt.Fuji is right there


KSJC is my favorite airport to land at.

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For approaches, my favourite is Queenstown NZ (NZQN). Approaching from the west, for runway 05 is brilliant.

Highly recommend for those that enjoy mountainous scenery.



And for general aviation - Can’t beat Bella Coola in British Columbia (CYBD)



All of yall are picking America and Europe and this and that…

AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 is #1

k thx

My fave would be like said above YPPH

Btw don’t reply to me because I will get triggered even more than I already do in this forum


Ushuaia International is beautiful

KSLC to take off. Totally jaw dropping.

To land, KSLC!

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Nah, my favorite is KSJC. It’s my home airport and I feel honored to be so unique to be one of the only users that actually know and use KSJC in Infinite Flight.

I’ve never actually flown in or out of KSLC. I’ve got to do that sometime.

KSFO stealing all the attention XD

Well I’ve flown from both so I can say Salt lake city is more spectacular than San Jose. I didn’t mean to reply to your post by the way, I think that was accidental.


My hands down favourite is LOWI (Innsbruck). Whenever Austria is in the Expert ATC region, I’ll fly there and control there as much as I possibly can, it’s the one time I will often spend my entire day on IF. The airport is right in a valley in the alps, beautiful scenery and a very fun approach to fly. It’s one of the only times I hand-fly the entire approach.


This is why we need more GA in IF, to fly into small regional mountain airports like this. It gets boring flying airliners all the time!

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Landing at YSSY on 34L and R with bay before the runway.

I have always been fond of the approach to and departure from PANC. It is absolutely fantastic! I also really like Honolulus takeoff!

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