Favourite airline

What airline do you miss the most?

  • US. Airways
  • North West
  • Pan Am
  • Air Tran
  • Monarch
  • Air Berlin

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What airline do you like the most?

  • Emirates
  • American
  • Lufthansa
  • Qantas
  • British Airways
  • Delta

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What Airline do you hate the most?

  • Spirit
  • Ryan Air
  • United
  • Allegiant Air
  • Air Koryo
  • Copa Airlines

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Thanks for catching that :)

Who hates RyanAir😂 Their quality is in their landings.
EDIT: Still spelt “favorite” wrong

I like this topic. Keep it up!

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This isn’t #real-world-aviation

I limited this to airlines in IF and ment this more as what people fly in IF, see how that could be mistaken though

Except air koryo, that had to be in there

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I don’t understand why people would dislike Ryanair, Spirit, or Air Koryo. I don’t believe most people fly to North Korea for their vacations…Skytrax has rated Air Koryo one star due to current world politics…However, it certainly isn’t a one star airline and it’s not the worst airline out there. There are some EXTREMELY BIASED people that depict Ryanair and Spirit as bad airlines with terrible landings (cough cough)…but it really isn’t. Ryanair is a budget airline, and that means cheap tickets for a quick getaway to somewhere random in Europe. The videos on YouTube is just one bad landing of many landings. It’s just the landings being bad they are on YouTube. Most Ryanair landings are probably pretty normal! Same for Spirit. It’s the budget airline of America. You can get really cheap tickets for a quick getaway once again…It’s certainly not the worst airline out there once again!

Spirit Airlines is one of the few carriers that has a direct route from KLAS to my hometown, which is why I’ve flown them so much. When everything goes well, its a great airline. But with bag fees, seat fees, and the completely non-existent customer service, you’re better off paying more upfront for a ticket on Southwest or Delta.

I am not saying budget airlines are all bad I especialy did not put frontier, SWA, and a few ithers since they do a good job, thise ones are quite extream in their budget

This topic is flying all over. Wait it’s IF… no it’s RWA… Closed 🙃