Favourite Airline Brand

Sorry guys I screw up on the last survey… Remember the Question that said 0? well I updated the question to how many times did you fly LAST year? here is the updated survey link :) Favorite Airline Brand

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Check my response!😊😀😂

omg this was a school project but ill just say 10 :) oh gawd tho ;) that was like the best there

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My was the Air France one

Again this topic? Is this some kind of your school project?

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sorry the whole thing got screwed up and I had to delete the original and make a new one :\ kinda yeah its for math and I don’t wanna go to summer school… :\

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Ok, but may I remind you to not spam the forum☝️…please avoid to annoy the users…on behalf the whole Flight Development Studio and The Infinite Flight Community, we wish you a nice day!😄😉

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you too :)


May I recommend you take off the “Brand” it’s confusing… I thought you were talking about what is your favourite aircraft maker: Bombardier, Airbus…

Told you it’s Qantas and you still spell it as Quantas

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