Favourite Airline and Least Favourite Airline you've been on and why?

Hi guys, my favourite airline is Qantas because of the friendly staff and I have had no issues flying with them since I was a baby. My least favourite is either Air China or El Al. The crew were not very friendly on Air China and had refused to book us on a flight back to Sydney after it was cancelled for no reason so we went to Qantas and they happily helped us. To this day I will never fly with Air China to China again. El Al’s economy seats weren’t very comfortable on a 12hr flight to Bangkok from Tel Aviv while returning to Australia. The delay was also an issue as we had a connecting flight to Sydney. We missed our connecting flight and had to get our bags, buy tickets with Jetstar to go to Singapore then Qantas on to Sydney. My family went through all that trouble.

What is your favourite and least favourite airline and why?

If you want to know the favourite airlines of community members just type “favourite airline” into the search bar and you’ll find dozens of posts just like this one.

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