Favourite Airline Alliance?

Most of you know that some of the big airlines in the world are in an alliance, such as Air Canada is with Star Alliance and American Airlines is with One World. What is your Favourite Airline Alliance?


  • Star Alliance
  • One World
  • SkyTeam
  • Vanilla Alliance
  • U-FLY Alliance
  • Value Alliance

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Feel free to post thoughts down below

Star Alliance

Founded in 1997

One World

Founded 1999


Founded 2000

Vanilla Alliance

Founded 2015

U-FLY Alliance

Founded 2016

Value Alliance

Founded 2016

Please correct me on anything wrong and I will fix it :)

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ive never heard of the last three… im gonna have to do some research on them and possibly invest in them if given that opportunity…


I have to say Star Alliance because United was one of 5 founders and also it’s the oldest alliance, so yeah

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How will you “invest” in them?

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One World Alliance obviously.


Any specific reason as to why you prefer Oneworld?

When I made my account a few years ago I chose this alliance name because it was my favorite at the time. It had AA which was my favorite airline of all time and it had my other favorites which was Cathay, BA, and Qatar. Now I still really like Cathay and Qatar but I don’t really love BA but I still like it. AA has been really going down in service in places like customer assistance and quality. Most of their aircraft are old and not retrofitted when AA has been saying they would do it for years now. Really the only time I’ll fly AA now is on their 777’s or 787’s or A321’s, but AA’s Loyalty Program is what I believe still one of the best out there. Now I didn’t really want to change my name but I really like Delta and some of their SkyTeam partners but not a lot.

Last year

They’re pretty nice tbh. Delta seems like a modern and vibrant airline.

well as i said, it would be if given the opportunity… and at this point it would probably be buying a share of each member airline…

Close for me between star alliance and one world but I have to go with SA because of how many more airlines are there

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Most of them are privately held.

As I said twice before, it would be if given the opportunity. Keyword is if.

Let’s not argue and or go off topic.


Well it looks like you don’t have much of an opportunity then.

thats true for right now. we’ll see what the future holds…

Love SkyTeam. The livery looks Epic on Delta and Air France!

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Skyteam is by far the best. Offers huge route map around the world, and has great customer service. Many codeshare flights make it very easy to get anywhere on Earth, from Ushuaia, Argentina to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

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You can basically find everything about Value Alliance here.

The website is really basic. Only thing that has changed is Tigerair Singapore merged with Scoot, so there’s one less separate carrier.

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Thank you very much!

Take a look there for a more in-depth description

Wait really?😂 I didn’t know this was a thing 😁