Favorite Virtual Airlines

Hey guys I’ve looked into a lot of virtual airlines and I’m curious and exited to have a discussion with everyone about what their favourite virtual airline is.

Please no hostility, and comments offending others opinions will we removed.

But please comment what your favourite VA is and what’s your favourite part about it. And let’s all have a friendly conversation as I know how great this community is


Qantas, 100% absolutely.

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American Airlines, Their realism and setup.

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NetJets is my favorite. It’s laid back yet professional and has great pilots and staff.

Plus it’s one of the only VAs I know that doesn’t just fly tubeliners.


Don’t even need to ask, Qantas is the most professional.

Going to close before this gets too far. We’ve had numerous of these topics before and they’ve all ended up in arguments. Best bet is to check out the database and choosing a VA yourself.