Favorite VA?

Just trying to see what VA everybody likes. What is your favorite VA? Mine personally is Qantas!

  • American VA
  • KLM VA
  • Fedex VA
  • Other

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If yours is not listed choose “Other” and the put yours in the comments below.

  1. Alaska
  2. Delta
  3. United

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United VA is the best


The only VA I approved of as well run with actual management was Qantas, and they got hacked last night


VA are stupid. People pay lots of money to fly in a American Virtual. But what if i wanted to fly the A380 or 747? See my point?

Are u in a va

By joining a VA you aren’t restricted to just fly for that airline. You can fly whatever routes with whatever aircraft you want, you just have to fly the airline’s aircraft to log miles.

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My favourite airline is my VA :)

Does anyone know the link to Fedex VA Website?

I’m thinking about joining your VA. Website looks nice!😃

I have a FA. Fictional Airline. IFES. Does that count? We fly any plane model. Generic only. And with the BBJ, any livery.

How does that sound?

(No route restrictions either)

I’m the CEO of Asiana and I personally like Asiana because it has all the big aircraft. Ahahahaha

I’m interested. Does that stand for IF Escort Services? Thought I saw that somewhere…

Yeah. It does.

Ok. Do you have a website?

Sadly im still working on it.
But we use skype to communicate and it’s been really efficient. We plan last minute group flights and escorts through Skype and it goes Pretty well.

God British Airways is pretty good.

British Airways are hiring

Vist their website and follow the steps - http://britishairwaysifva.wix.com/britishairwaysva

Is it your VA?

Qantas VA is the best …