Favorite United States airline?

  • United
  • Delta
  • American
  • Southwest
  • JetBlue
  • Virgin America
  • Sun country

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I have no clue as I live in the uk lol but I’ve heard AA is quite good?

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Want me to make a UK one tomorrow


Yes please do a UK & Ireland one

Sure thing!!

I don’t know why but I like Delta! :)
Maybe because they are part of SkyTeam and very close to Air France?

I have flown between New York JFK and San Francisco with Delta! It was not that bad!


They’re not good-they’re average.

United is a great airline


Southwest for a good list of reasons:

  1. USUALLY (not always) low fares.
  2. 2 FREE checked bags (as long as its not over 50 lbs/ 22.67 kg) to ALL destinations*
  3. No assigned seating.
  4. You can change your itinerary at no extra cost except differences.
  5. No cancellation fees, with refund depending on which type of ticket you buy.
  6. Wi-Fi on over 81% of the fleet (and its growing; with addition of more 737NGs and slow retirement of the 737 Classics), albeit at a small fee (which most airlines do anyways).
  7. Free Live TV.
  8. Free snacks and non-alcoholic drinks!
  9. Check in a day before flight for earliest boarding position; you can pay a small fee for certainty.
  10. Have you seen their special liveries?!
  11. Most staff are friendly, cheerful, and love their jobs.

*Except airports with operation limits, such as Key West; same with most main-line carriers. However, as of 2015 Southwest no longer operates out of Key West.


Southwest is tied with American

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I like how no one voted Sun Country


How about Alaska?

They don’t have much of a large market share of US domestic travel. Understandable


Allegiant Air
Hawaiian Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Frontier Airlines

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My bad they aren’t really that big

Hawaiian is getting A350s! Or was it A330-800?

A350s I can’t believe they are going to a all Airbus fleet

@JFKPlaneSpotter101 Airbus convinced Hawaiian to take A330-800neos.
@Cargoluxgroupceo Hawaiian will be retaining the Boeing 717-200s for the forseeable future (No replacements planned)

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Thanks. I keep mixing these orders and firm orders