Favorite type of approach

What is your favorite type of approach, over mountains, over water, over a city, or something else? I personally like flying approaches from over rivers (PHL, DCA, etc.) because they seem more realistic than flying over a city without tall buildings in IF

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Through a valley with mountains/hills on both sides with fog.


Mountains with fog 😍


definitely following rivers, I also like the expressway approach at LGA (LaGuardia). But even a completely normal approach is entertaining for me hahah


I love approaches in mountains!
PAJN - A mountainous region of Alaska, decent into a valley with the town of Juneau and water.

Theres also

Fog in these approaches makes it even better!

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Type as in ILS, GPS, VISUAL or as in Mountains, Foggy, Rainy, Clear, Sunny?

Anything that involves slamming into a mountain as a possible risk. (Wow. I’m way too dangerous 😂)


Approaches through mountain ranges like at KASE or NZQN are hands down my favorite type of approach.

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It’ll have to be VHHX, or Kai Tak Airport, which was my home airport before it got replaced by VHHH. The surrounding terrain and tight right base turn just before touchdown makes it quite challenging but super fun at the same time!

I like mountain ranges such as KASE however if they do add buildings for cities. Hong Kong would definitely be my favourite as it has both city and water approaches

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DCA’s River Visual approach

Canarsie VOR or the LGA Expressway visual… ATC usually doesn’t vector me into them but I do it anyways 🤪

I always like runways on the coast, with a sea approach! Especially ones like Heraklion and Dubrovnik!

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I like the KSJC approach it’s nice with beautiful mountains around

I am the one who loves approaching through cities, into busy airports.


Both, why not

Maybe LOWI at night without proper charts? Yeah as you might guess it didnt end well… 🤦‍♂️

Probably a foggy approach into VQPR or LOWI.

Anyways, I don’t pay much attention to scenery on approach as I’m focused on buttering that bread… :D

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