Favorite Third Party App

With all of these great third party apps that there are to offer, I wanted to know what your favorite one’s were. Personally mine are In-Flight Assistant, VirtualLink, and the one and only @Chris_S’s FPLtoIF.com


I have Android and I only have infinite passengers haha
I hope you take out virtual link and other third-party applications on Android hahah


For android In flight-assistant is the best by far.
IF passengers has some bugs and annoys because the welcome speech starts only with pushback, and not when the doors are closed.
However, these 2 are the best available for Android


I use android and IOS, and best third party app I think is perfect on both is In-Flight Assistant, very useful and I simply love it!


As a beta tester for IFJoy, I absolutely love it.


I think LiveFlightapp is one of the best it is really helpful for if you need to know how long you have on your flight or if you want to track other planes. Or Evan find out how Busy an airport Is if you want to plane spot. So I definitely recommend it to you.


Infinite Flight Assistant, IF Passengers, IF Checklists are the ones I use the most.
This post introduced FPLtoIF.com for me; I’d never heard about it before. It appears to be amazingly useful! I’ll be sure to use it from now on.

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IF assistant
Live flight
IF pax (with some improvements imo)

I don’t rlly use most third party apps


I really enjoy using LiveFlight. I usually fly using my phone and track my flight on my iPad. It helps knowing the exact time you’ll arrive and how much traffic is in the area.

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