Favorite Things You Have Seen From An Airplane

What are your favorite sights you have seen through an aircraft window?

Some of mine are:

Flying over the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas flying DEN-LAX
Greenland and Polar Canada on LHR-DEN
Chicago at night time on BOS-DEN
Paris on FCO-LHR
The whole of London on approach to Heathrow from the East
Taking off from JFK to the west and flying by lower Manhattan
Taking off from AKL and flying over the city
Flying over the Southern Alps on CHC-SYD


See several planes passing by, very fast I have to say😂, that was in all the flight I made, but the great experience was to see the Grand Canyon in a flight of Copa Airlines from Panama to Las Vegas, also the desert of the southwestern part of the USA, the snow covering the north of USA, and also in a flight above the Andes I saw some condor birds flying in Colombia. Another one was in a flight to Cairo, the plane passes by the pyramids of Giza, and also the approach to Panama City by night.

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Can I post a pic? :)

Favourite things? Watching as the flaps and slats deploy for takeoff/approach/landing and watching as the spoilers open as the aircraft lands.


Also the turbines spinning and the reversers being deployed as well as the spoliers

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Managua Lake when flying from San Salvador to Managua.


approach into Honolulu from KLAX

Narita was cool because you fly over the hills and valleys around the area. You also can see the train which you most likely would take to Tokyo.


On takeoff from PHOG, I witnessed a rising full moon on the clearest evening possible. It was massive, detailed, and appeared to be below our aircraft for the duration of our departure.

Other planes

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Dude SAME!!!

I love Tokyo haneda air field I went there as a foreigner student swap it is beautiful looking at it from the air

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Sunset, sunrise and northern lights. 😍


On a clear day, flying over the Alps is the highlight of the flight. It’s also pretty cool to see the aircraft landing in LHR when you crouse over at 34000ft.

  1. View of the clouds bed from the top. It’s so flat it’s like another world.
  2. The opening of the clouds for the ground view, and the calm feeling after turbulence when descending through heavy clouds.
  3. Not necessarily a view, but the sound of touchdown during the flare and retard mode.
  4. Crossing another runway at night and seeing the lights going to the threshold.

Probably Gatwick while on approach to Luton. Also, I saw the Eiffel Tower on my way to Menorca.

Meteor Crater while flying over Flagstaff, Arizona.

I saw a massive crater when I was flying to Istanbul! It could have been formed by a meteor a few thousand years ago.

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The NYC skyline while on approach to LGA.

Hohensalzburg castle, while taking off from SZG.