Favorite subsidiary airline

What is your favorite subsidiary airline? Personally mine would have to be delta connection, post in comments what your favorite is


Can’t really have a favorite as I’ve never flown any subsidiary airlines haha - always mainline.


Mine has to be JetConnect. Great service and good food.

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Copa Airlines Colombia🇨🇴

formerly AeroRepública, acquired and livery refreshed in 2005, purchase completed and rebranded with the current name in 2010

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Who doesn’t like Vueling(Iberia)

You know my delta connection flight was from flint MI to Minneapolis St. Paul on a delta connection crj 800 I believe

US Airways. Oh wait…

US airways is DEFUNCT!!!😉

I like AeroMexico Connection.

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Executive Jet Managment (it’s a subsidary of NetJets) Never flown them though.

It was an underhanded joke about US Airways.

Air Canada Express and Westjet Encore I guess

I´ve had some great experiences with Lufthansa CityLiner!

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WestJet Encore, Air Canada Express and Aeromexico Connect (first two from personal experience, last from friends experiences)

Also @tacobell1015 you are my favourite person 1. Cause of your name 2. Cause you like Encore and AC Express

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Thanks. The name was a nickname I was given a few years ago.

Isn’t compass a subsidiary of DAL?

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UP A subsidiary of EL AL

Air Dolomiti