Favorite song to listen to while playing IF

A guy can dream, can’t he? Lol you have a point though. (I don’t dream, I imagine, as said in my profile)

My favorite music is the sound of a GE90 engine.

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Never Forget You is an amazing song.

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It makes me so happy to be alive haha…and makes me think about more personal stuff 😂

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Has anyone tried listening to Stayin’ Alive since @Joseph_Spinner mentioned “alive”? :P

AC/DC, Thunderstruck. When you’re waiting to take off, it’s epic.


I listen to my Spotify playlist. A mixture of mainstream dance, soul, rock, some unknown stuff, David Bowie and John Lennon.

Basically everything.

A favorite song of mine ATM is [What If I Go] (Mura Masa - What If I Go? (Official Video) - YouTube) by Mura Masa. You’ll either love it or hate it.

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Danger zone, Space Oddity, Space Jam

come on and slam and welcome the the jam

those are the words I live by

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Let her go :3 :3

It varies greatly since my favorite songs change every 3 weeks or so, but currently:

The whole album


Speed of Sound
Viva La Vida

and what ever sounds good during the time being

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You have good taste.

Nice to see Chumbawumba is at the top.
Howard Jones-No One Is To Blame is an awesome song too, as isVan Morrison-Brown Eyed Girl and It’s Raining Men (Lol).

Good stuff

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I’m going to be putting together a playlist soon in preparation for Global Flight. It should give everyone something to listen to as you cruise. If you want I can put up a post where everyone can request what songs they want added.




panda panda panda panda panda


Jk that would be such a distraction

“this is what you came for” tells the virtual passengers why they are on my plane :P

I listen to a lot of songs while flying, it calms me and for longer flights it’s nice 🙂

I listen Heavy Metal.

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The background Music of aerosofts Airbus X extended Promotion trailer
FSX | Airbus X Extended Promo Trailer - YouTube
And : I’m blue Eiffel 65