Favorite Simbrief OFP layout?

Just curious: for those of you who use Simbrief to create OFPs - what is your preferred release format? I have used LIDO for the most part, and switched to JBU’s format for awhile before going back to LIDO, but now I’m curious about using other formats. I collected a list of my favorite release PDF formats into my iBooks. This one is the BER format. I kinda dig it. I have my fuel load, pax count, times, route, alternate route, basically everything but weather, all on the same page. Super convenient.


LIDO is just perfect for me, it has everything I need and with the time it just became my favorite.

Also I never print them even though it looks like a fun thing to do… Maybe I will start in 2020…


I usually use LIDO just because it’s pretty simple and easy to understand. I have attempted to use the other ones but I don’t like to decipher them XD


@Peter_S + @Q-ENAN How do you use LIDO ? Is there a webpage ?

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If you are trying to learn to use it, there is a tutorial on how to read it somewhere on SimBrief

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I actually just use the standard one >_^

I use JetBlue’s one as it gives V Speeds.

much prefer the LIDO format for FPLs.

Interestingly you can get a FPL in BA format on simbrief but they are swapping over to LIDO format FPLs soon too.

We use the JBU format of course 😎

It gives the runway analysis and V-Speeds for aircraft we don’t have charts for! I don’t know which other OFP’s do this but I believe LIDO doesnt do it.

We also use custom fleets with Perf Factors so our fuel is always right on the money.

I honestly like the ACA format because all the basic information is in a page or 2

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