Favorite Server?

What is your most favorite Server?
Tell the truths… No one can’t see your vote ;)

  • Free Flight

  • Advanced Server

  • ATC Playground

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Atc playground cause rarley controllers on advanced server and then theres like 10 people in the whole region

Advanced, this is where the controllers actually do what they are supposed to do. I agree, there is not many controllers active, but when there is, it’s always a fun time.


I like ATC Playground the best cause I can be ATC and more people are ATC on the server!

When in advanced, you can rest assured that the service you get will be exemplorary!

Advanced is the best because there are not people that break rules,…


This is great! Many of you love the Advanced Server!

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Advanced. Quality > quantity


Advanced is good at peak times, or when there is events like FNF. Also, they also seem to like going different routes other than to and from KLAX, KSAN and KNUC, which is obviously and unheard concept on the playground…

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Oh, I can’t wait to be on the Advanced server. I’m probably about 2 flights away since I went live only yesterday. My heart nearly stopped today when I was landing at WSSS and, all of a sudden, another flight was taking off not following the pattern, without even announcing they are taking off straight out.

if they advanced has so much rating, why is no one on it?

People tend to go where other people are, and where the controllers are. Advanced has less of both; it’s a self-perpetuating cycle. I never go on the PG server personally, (aside from some very rare occasions), but the general behaviour is what i’ve stated above.

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The variety of regions on Advanced service is better than flying through SoCal every day, and I love ATIS

Hahaha no one voted for the free flight server!

ikr, yet SFO is always filled :D

❤️❤️❤️❤️ The Advanced Server ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Whichever server has the least amount of other people flying… My theory, the less people in the region, the less people breaking rules and ruining my day.

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