Favorite Route of All Time and Favorite Aircraft?

Usually I love my short hauls but I want to branch out and find other routes that are great and some great aircraft.

One of my favourite routes would have to be Amsterdam - Princess Juliana KLM 747-400.

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Never flown that despite wanting to, I love TNCM though.

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Favorite plane that I have flown on is the 787-8 and favorite route is ORD-SEA

Mine is in China because to begin IF really put work and it makes me feel as if it was rl

Route: KOAK-KSAN (1:23)
Aircraft: SWA B738 Heart
Flight plan: anything that flys over the coast the whole time.
My stats:
FL: FL250
Cruise speed: 348kts airspeed
Flight time: 1:01

My favorite route is EDDF-KLAX (Lufthansa Cargo MD-11).
The flight time is approximately 11hrs 30min.

My favorite route has to be LSZH-KMIA it took me 10 hours and 32 mins it has great scenery I will provide a pic below it flies with the A330 which is my all time favorite aircraft I just have a deep passion for it and how it looks.

I actually provided two pics know these were taken with the free cam in replay mode hope you enjoy and I do prefer this route with the fpl from Simbrief

There’s already two topics where one is “Favorite route” and the other is “Favorite aircraft”…