Favorite route in Infinite Flight

What’s y’all favorite route in REAL LIFE?


I personally love TFFF-TNCM

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LAX - San Francisco with a 757


Get up at the crack of dawn and whip your Virgin Atlantic A330-330 down Cornwall and the atlantic for 71/2 hrs until you reach St. Andrew. Shortly after, you are gonna hear the people on Oistins beach, “wuh lorddd” until you land at 3pm. park at gates 13-20 and you are done.

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I love doing KJFK-KSRQ in a JetBlue a220 because KSRQ is my local airport

DEN-ASE/EGE are my favorites.

GVA-ZRH (Because it’s a really short flight with the A220, a really nice plane)
AKL-ZQN (Because of the wonderful scenery above NZ !)
LAX-SIN (Because I love ultra long hauls)


Can we keep this open or close it?

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Keep it open.

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Don’t keep it open.