Favorite region you have bought?

Mine is obviously Colorado and KDEN lol

Carribean fits the summer weather!


Caribbean, obviously :)

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Denver, Hawaii, Caribbean & SoFlo


I should check that one out lol

London or south Florida.

SoFlo and Seattle

Paris! I love LFPG!

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Gee guys don’t all buy regions I don’t have lol

When did you buy it?

Probably New York. I live inside the region, so why would I not like it?

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Exactly!!! That’s why my fav is Colorado :)

Denver, carribian, soFlo

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I love the Paris region too but no one is ever in it on live :/

That’s sad…

definetly amsterdam

SoFlo or Caribbean

Amsterdam is free …

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NY, because I love flying in my own region!

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Denver because it’s my own region and Hawaii because it has the longest flight