Favorite Plane

What’s you favorite plane mine is the A320


MD-11 is my favorite plane!!


Thanks. I’ll try

Try to get it into IF?


Yea It’s worth a shot. Better to do it than not.

mine is turboprop aircraft and MD-11,both aircraft would be better :)

Well good luck on that :)


Not a plane, but a livery. The La Compagnie Boutique 757.

Wish me luck on the planes and livery

Just saying, the devs don’t add something just because you want. I’m sure cknstantly pestering them with emails won’t grt them. The best you can do is make a feature request and that is in no way a guarantee


ATR’s with Iberia livery

The best way you can get a new plane into IF is by making a feature request that is popular with the community.


A319 is one of my favorites

As always mine is the amazing Airbus A380

The A330!! ❤❤❤ AF A332

Hey I like the A320 I wold like to start learning about newer planes and would like to have a new favorite plane. I’m a Delta airlines lover and if you could tell me alittle about the A330. I want to be an airline pilot in the futur and I’m still very young.

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Don’t really have a specific type, my preferences reach everywhere.

A330 was originally intended to he a shorter segment widebody airliner when t was concieved in 1992. Shortly after entering service with launch customer Air Inter, Airbus realized its similar (Devloped in parallel with) but 4-engined older brother the A340 was not that liked by airlines. Boeing’s twin 777-200 and 777-200ER was eating up the A340-200 and A340-300. Thus, Airbus saw the future was in high ETOPS, long range rated A330s. Airbus launched the longer range A330-200 which had its first flight in 1997. As time went on, Airbus kept upgrading the MTOW, fuel efficiency, and range of the A330 till it reached its highest MTOW yet, 242t quite recently. The A330 has become increasingly popular and has enjoyed moderate to good success in its respective parts of the world. Later into its production life, Airbus helped boost sales by introducig a tanker (A330 MRTT) and a freighter version of the A330-200. Both have had moderate success. After Airbus realized the extremely long backlogs of the A350 and 787 were discouraging new airline orders, they launched a further extension of the A330 line, the A330neo. Featuring the -800neo and -900neo variants, it has sold semi-well and won in a surprise deal over the 787-9 and -10 with Delta. Lastly, a new regional version of the A330 is now on sale with the first examples to go to Saudi.