Favorite Part of a Plane Ride?

What do you miss most about a plane ride?

Probably the talks with the captain after landing…


Additionally, the only time pilots should use this request is when requesting a departure from the pattern when doing pattern work.


Just to let you know I’m not too far out. Arriving in an Iberia A359. What can I expect?

Another topic that is very common is when you indicate “Exit runway Left / Right Cross runway XX and contact the ground” and they come to Hold Short and ask “Request permission to cross runway XX” 🤷🏽‍♂️


I see that a lot too, but at the same time I’m also IFATC and I make that mistake quite often simply because I miss the “cross runway xx” instruction. I think we also do need to accept that a lot of people do know these things, but no one is perfect and we slip up sometimes.


Thanks for this I’ve seen a huge incline in these. As it doesn’t affect the way we control and is minor, it’s good to know this as all you need when departing after takeoff is a freq handoff or change.


@AVPA99. MaxSez: I tend to disagree with your negative interpretation of the Pilot Request; “Request” Departure to the (Direection). “Pilots Discretion” Applies

A reviewer of the AIM & IF ATC Public Handbook dose not provide any guidance for your interpretation.

May I suggest in future, that prior to Posting what May appeared as procedural guidance it be vetted by Staff or any IFACT Trainer.

Just Sayin, Max

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@AVPA99. MaxSez: Everyone has their moments, but this is not yours. A pilots discretion is sacrosanct! After all he is the decision-maker…
If it ain’t in the book it ain’t happening, interpretation and opinion is nebulous folly.

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I like in every plane ride is the takeoff where the plane shows the power of it’s engines

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landing in my opinion

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That moment you are finally feeling safe on the ground


nope i rate the smoothness


I always love takeoff and departure. I love soaring out of an airport, and getting the nice low ground view of the terrain around you.

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I’d recommend creating a separate thread for this instead of editing your original post.

It’s a bit confusing reading the first and last replies. At first, I wasn’t sure what this topic was about.


That feeling when just taking off.
Also that noise when the engines start.

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GE90 sounds on pushback of the 777’s

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Got to be take off for me. Nothing like the feeling of being pushed back into the seat as the power kicks in. :)

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Yeah. Having a chat with the pilots and the crew is always fun.

I also think the landing is great.

Take off, landing, turbulence, and snacks, when riding. When pilot take off landing.

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