Favorite New York Airport

i wish i could fly singapore but i never seem to have to go there :/

If you want to go to Europe, fly on a 380 from Frankfurt. But, we’re getting off topic. Let’s continue this in a PM.

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JFK FTW. Love the Delta lounge

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I misread. I thought it was favorite NY AREA airport. But in all fairness, EWR is considered to be in the NY Metropolitan area and is under the same TRACON control as ISP, JFK and LGA, among others.

I remember as a kid passing by EWR heading north on the NJ Turnpike at night, you could see the planes stacked up on final with the landing lights on as many as 10 or more in a row. Like a row of white dots in the sky.


thats my favorite part of driving into NJ

ISP FTW!!! I live 30 minutes away from that airport and it is so conveinent. The airport is so easy to navigate and not crowded. On average, there is only 1 flight departing per hour. I always fly Southwest Airlines nonstop to FLL usually at least once a year to visit some relatives down there. You’d think that most flights would go out empty, but the majority of them actually go out filled to capacity! They don’t use small regional jets, they use the 737s.

They only have 737s, as far as I’m aware.

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JFK is my favorite because of the international and large planes, but I like 20N (Kingston-Ulster) because when I drove upstate, I would pass it as it is on the side of Route 199 before going over the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. Now to go upstate I just take the Amtrak. I’m actually going tomorrow!

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I’ve been to every one, but the nicest and most spacious has to be JFK. They accommodate 5,000+ people a day, and it’s very modern for the most part.

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JFK because it’s a busy airport and I love busy airports.