Favorite New York Airport

Please comment your reasons below.

Note: Only intended for people who have either traveled to New York or live in the area

  • JFK: John F. Kennedy International
  • LGA: LaGuardia
  • EWR: Newark Liberty
  • ISP: Long Island MacArthur
  • Other (SWF, FRG, etc), please comment
  • I hate them all
  • I accidentally voted and I can’t take it back (@B767fan)

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JFK because it is the home to my favorite airline: jetBlue


Sorry but can I ote from what I’ve seen in videos.

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Did you read the note above the poll?

Yeah… I kinda already voted so now I can’t take it back…


Now the poll is glitching

Should I just say I hate them all?

Look again

JFK cause I have been there :3 :P

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Voted for JFK as call there most frequently. Only flown into EWR twice, was a nice approach and airport, but it’s the wrong side of town for me!

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JFK because I fly there a lot and jetBlue is based there

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Actually you can.

EWR because it is was less crowded than JFK.

I voted KISP because it is closest to my house. JFK and LGA are further away. My family and I usually fly Southwest 737-700’s to KMCO each winter to enjoy the fun in the sun and warmth.

Have flown Delta Connection flights (ERJ 145) a couple times in and out of KJFK - no worries. Actually, kinda fun!

KLGA has a bad reputation but I’ve never experienced it firsthand, except to pick up arriving family members.

I used to live 20 minutes from KEWR in NJ. Talk about convenient! Don’t remember much about it anymore. I was a kid then.


LGA. Nearby, fun small airport to go in and out of, I get good service. Not large like JFK, not far away like ISP, FRG, SWF, and HPN.

EWR isn’t in New York state so I still firmly believe it should not be considered a NY airport. Yuk NJ

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Newark Liberty, like JFK and LaGuardia are owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. So, I’m counting it as an exception.

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I Live in NYC and have flown out of all of them and EWR is by far the nicest and a plus for since its a united hub and i have a TON of points for them. The only down side is that i live in Manhattan so its takes around 30 min to get there and JetBlue has little flights out of there (my favorite airline)

Looks like I have found someone who loves jetBlue as much as me!

JFK is convenient for me because I live on the South Shore in Nassau.

are u and islanders fan?

plus i always take jetblue to tropical places in spring

I don’t follow sports, hence my username.

I fly jetBlue whenever I can. But, when I went to Europe, I flew Singapore Airlines (stopover in Frankfurt, got off there). Both are amazing