Favorite music to listen to while flying

What on God Damn Earth Jesus Christ, Marie, Universe, Elon Musk is that ? 😂


I never played music when I used to fly but ig Lucid Dreams or anything else really

And this song is fire favorite song ever!

I knew it 💀

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Why did I fall for that 💀💀

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Definetly “everything in its right place”by radio head, “porcelain” by moby, “clair de lune” by Flight facilities and “ostavi trag” by september however i like to listen to some classic unreleased skepta leaks.

Hey! Hope the sky is nice with you!
Actually, if you guys are interested, « Alfie Radio » is a beautiful handpicked chaos of music, from the 50’s going all the way till today and heavily influenced by the 80’s, 90’s, from different genres and nationalities. I enjoy listening to it while flying, give it a try! Click here to download it on apple, or simply search for it (« Alfie Radio ») on Playstore (if you are on android). If you have an age limit, you may not be able to download it (on apple its rated as 17+).
Clear, blue skies ahead,

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2015 dance songs do the job

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Yes sirrrr I still use them in all my vids 🤪, they’re just simply great for flying

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This song is a great vibe up in the air.

My Favourite of All.
is a Russian ethnic ambient duo Daniel Roeth & Vladimir Sedov.
Location: Moscow, Russia
Style: Ethnic Fusion/Lounge
Equipment and programming: Logic, Samplitude, Sound Forge

Honestly when I fly, I do listen to music but very mixed.

I usually listen to the artist “OOYY” which gives a relaxing flying vibe! :)

Here’s ma Spotify Playlist. I listen to it a lot when flying


Here’s my Amazon Music Playlist:

I’ll probably listen to either random tracks from my playlist or listen to Godzilla sounds (I’m not joking)

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The sad thing is i actually got my first violation in years because i was listening to music and not paying attention to the Flight😭

NYC drill bc i’m in a cessna in a class bravo 😈

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These guys are playing very nice playlist , relaxing on their live weather channel over TX lol, love this

🔴 LIVE Texas Radar & Temperatures, Severe & Tornado Warnings, Background Music! Texas Weather Center (youtube.com)

I love listening to ambient or instrumental music while flying—it’s so calming and helps me relax. Artists like Brian Eno or Explosions in the Sky are perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere. What about you?

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