Favorite Modern Boeing Aircraft

As of now, and now that we have all 3 (4 if you include the 787-10), what is your favorite modern Boeing aircraft? PLEASE VOTE FOR BOTH POLLS

Poll for the Real Aviation Versions: [poll public=true]

  • 787-8
  • 787-9
  • 787-10 (Not Currently In Service)
  • 747-8

Poll for IF:

  • 787-8
  • 787-9
  • 787-10
  • 747-8

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787-8 is cooler irl, imo, but the -9 is better in IF because more liveries.

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I personally love all 787’s the same, Wish i could vote for all 3, the 748 is one of my personal favorite aircraft, it is so beautiful.

I love none of them but I understand 747-8 is beautiful, I like 757 and my gorgeous A350 😍😍

What about the 737 MAX 😡?


I thought about putting it up there, but since it is not in IF yet i decided to hold off, but thanks for acknowledging such a WONDEROUS aircraft!

Boeing 787-8 is nice in real world!

According to history, the modern era is the 15th century, so I’m gonna have to go with B-17

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I like the 787-9 because it’s so beautifully proportioned. It’s the perfect length and it has the most range too. The 787-8 looks a bit stubby and the 787-10 looks too long.

Nice. Only ask about the larger, long haul aircraft. Never ask about the domestic. What about the 737 max? Like, seriously?

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I Talked about that in one of my replies. Please read the entire thread before posting as it is very short and would take like 2 minutes or less to read.

I know right! that is what I would have voted for if it were there. Love the new versions with the scimitar winglets. They really look cool.

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Well if you guys want up up there that bad, you can contact a mod and show them this as permission to add the 737-MAX.

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I’ve flown on the 787-9 on IF, which is my favorite 787 on IF. I’ve never been on any 787 yet, so can I skip the first poll?

I like the 787-9 because it’s so beautiful.

  • Boeing T-X
  • B787-10
  • B787-9
  • B787-8
  • B747-8
  • B737M7
  • B737M8
  • B737M9
  • B777-8X
  • B777-9X
  • B777-10X

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A more complete poll

B737M is the B737 MAX for those who get confused

The 787-9 inIF is somewhat unrealistic.

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It is up to you, Wether you have like it in the terms on flying on it or you like the design and specs is up to you!

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Never been on any of them