Favorite Mark Event

What has been your favorite event posted by @Mark_Denton? Was it an FNF, or TT? Do you have pictures? Regulars feel free to edit.

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Are we running out of ideas already?

Also would this go into #meta because it’s about a forum user?

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No. it is about an event.

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Events, for that matter. Also, why specific to him? Seems like it’s kind of drowning out a few other cool events.

Could you please add this one? https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/friday-night-flight-national-aviation-day-celebration-klax-191730zaug16 .I just lost my regular status today.

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My most favourite event is when someone posts something really interesting…so sadly not too many events to enjoy. 🤔

Me too, Nick :(


Sorry but I have to give this one to Tyler and David:

The planning for this was exceptional, and the results brilliant.


Marks favorite was the Airbus FNF

Mine is:- AirFrance vs Air Canada

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