Favorite Liveries

It’s the a319

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Both Delta and American have amazing liverys.

Anything in a Lufthansa livery looks amazing. The AirBerlin a319 also looks gorgeous.

Nope. Iran Air’s still more beautiful

It doesn’t exist. It’s photoshopped.

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It’s a very good photoshop.

Well I would say the Sun Country 737-800 livery, however since it doesn’t exist in IF I will go with the WestJet Q-400.

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Air New Zealand 🇳🇿 all blacks 787

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I love the Air NZ new black livery!

I think this has been discussed already. Continue it there

This is just livery, not plane…

It’s plane and livery. Favorite livery favorite liveries :) seems similar

But it’s not the same

Sun Country 737-8FH N820SY

Mexicana A318

He could ‘root’ his device

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So you could custom make liverys?

Yeah, But you have to root your device. But I’m better to not to root my device, I would prefer to wait for a new livery in the future

Btw, My Favourite livery is SIA B78X, It’s really nice indeed!

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